Giving is a biblical principle that produces a rich harvest in our lives.

Your seed sown will go to work immediately – saving souls and transforming lives.

Did you know that when we give the Lord our tithes and our offerings, when we give to those in need, when we give of our time, our love, our resources, we are sowing seeds that God will make sure protects our lives, family, health, businesses and everyaspect of our life?

We pray for you daily that God willopen great doors for you, bring people into your lives that will favor you, and give you his perfect peace to receive major breakthroughs, more than you can ever ask, think, or imagine in Jesus Name according to Ephesians 3:20.

Every Life Changed Brings Glory to God!

Give a 100% tax-deductible donation to help where it’s needed most. Thanks to your generous giving, we are able to bring salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ and mold destinies through kingdom principles.

Your generous giving also supports our teaching ministries, local and worldwide prayer programs, online programs through Facebook, YouTube & much more. 

Your generous giving also helps to feed the hungry, support oral health, invest in youth and women’s professional and leadership development program through our community development corporation – Destiny Empowerment center.

Thank you for continuing to help others see the generous nature of the Body of Christ through your giving.

Giving is quick, easy and secure. Simply Click the Give Now botton below and complete the form.

Other Ways to Give
  1. Text GIVE to: (844) 311-0205
  2. By mail – Destiny Molders Church, P.O. Box 486, Randolph, MA 02368

Text to Give – Destiny Molders Church

Set Up Your Text to Give Account!
  1. Text the word “GIVE” and the amount you want to give to (844) 311-0205.
  2. You will receive a text back with a link to set up your Text to Give account (required for first time only).
  3. Click the link to complete the online registration and submit your payment information (credit or debit cards only, no checks).
  4. The next time you want to give, simply text the word “GIVE” and then you will be prompted for the amount you want to give to (844) 311-0205. For example, if you want to donate $50, you would text “50.”


Q: How does it work?

A: Simply send a text message with ‘GIVE’and then the dollar amount you want to give in the message field to (844) 311-0205. For example, if you want to donate $50, you would text “GIVE” to (844) 311-0205.

Then, If this is your first time to use this service, you will receive a text back with a link to set up your Text to Give account (required for first time only). Open the link, fill in your name, address, email address and debit or credit card information and you’re done! This one-time registration is required to complete the donation. When your registration is complete, you will receive a receipt of your giving via text message.

Anytime you want to give after your initial registration, all you have to do is send a text to (844) 311-0205 with ‘the dollar amount in the message field. Your card will automatically be charged, and you will receive a receipt by text message. Message and data rates may apply.

Q: What types of debit or credit cards can I use?

A: You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or your bank’s debit card.

Q: Is the giving amount added to my phone bill?

A: No, the amount is not added to your phone bill. It is charged to your debit or credit card.

Q: How secure is this?

A: The Text to Give program through is PCI Security Certified, and there is no data whatsoever stored on your phone. PCI is the industry security standard for credit and debit card statements.All financial information is encrypted and stored by PCI DSS Level 1 compliant standards which is the highest possible rating one get in the electronic payment processing industry.

Q: What is the maximum amount I can give?

A: You can give any amount you wish. The maximum limit depends on how much your bank will allow you to charge on your card. You may give full dollar amounts (10) or dollars and cents (10.25).

Q: Will I be charged per text message?

A: The cost of sending and receiving text messages is determined by your cell phone provider and your data plan. It is normally the same as sending a text message to a friend.

Q: What are the requirements?

A: The Text to Give system works with any mobile phone with SMS or texting capability.

To be able to set up the initial registration on your phone, you will need to have Internet access on your phone.

Q: Do I need a smartphone?

A: Any phone that is capable of sending and receiving text messages can be used.

Q: Is the donation tax deductible?

A: All donations are 100% tax deductible. We are an approved IRS 501 c 3religious organization.

Q: What kind of receipt will I receive?

A: You will receive a receipt via text message and email. Donations made via text message will also be included on your giving statement that you normally receive from Destiny Molders Church.

Q: Does it work internationally?

A: Yes. If you have a U.S. phone number and you are abroad, your text should go through, but refer to your cell phone provider’s terms and policies.

Q: Once I have donated, can I undo it?

A: Yes!  You can text “refund” in right after your gifts to refund in case you make a mistake. You can also email us at and we will refund from our admin panel.

Q: I texted my donation and nothing happened.

A: After you text in your donation and think you have waited too long, text HELP to (844) 311-0205. You will receive a text message with a toll free number to call.

Q: How can I close my account or unsubscribe?

A: Simply text STOP to (844) 311-0205. You will then receive an acknowledgment that you have unsubscribed from Text to Give.

Q: How do I change my personal contact information or my payment information?

A: Text EDIT to (844) 311-0205 to receive a link to modify your personal or payment information. Tap this link, which will take you to a webpage with your information. Once there, tap CHANGE on either your personal information or your payment information. After making your edits, tap the PROCEED button to confirm changes.

Q: My transaction failed/declined. When I check my bank account, it shows that the transaction went through, why?

A: Even though our system failed/declined your transaction, certain banks still put a hold on the money you attempted to process. Usually, after three days the hold is released. Contact your bank to learn more.

Q: I’d like to designate my giving to a specific program or outreach. How do I do that?

A: Below are the different keywords designated for our outreaches. Simply type the keyword below (associated with the outreach you want to give to), the amount, a space, and designation to (844) 311-0205. For example, if you want to donate $50 to our building fund you would text “50 building”, or “100 tithe”, if you are giving to tithe.

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